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Village Center Floral Park

Village Center is a charming neighborhood located in the village of Floral Park, NY. Surrounded by lush green parks and iconic wooden buildings, Village Center offers its residents a unique lifestyle. It is home to several local businesses and shops, such as the Floral Valley Branch Library and Clancey’s Pub, both of which provide high quality services and entertainment while enhancing the neighborhood’s culture. Nearby you can find plenty of recreational activities, from walking and biking trails to golf courses – all designed for outdoor fun. With its diverse population, richness of culture, and abundance of amenities available at a close distance, Village Center is one of Floral Park’s most coveted communities – an ideal destination for anyone looking for a taste of small-town living.


Village Center is a welcoming neighborhood that has a diverse population of 17,280 people, with an ethnically-diverse population of 25%. The median age is around 37 years old, and 64% percent of the adults have earned at least a bachelor’s degree. Of those 17,280 people, 22% are married and 78% are unmarried. Furthermore, roughly 12%, or 2114 people hold a professional occupation while 36%, or 6280 people commute to work everyday. All this data collected shows that Village Center is made up of a highly educated and career-oriented community.


The Village Center is home to a number of educational institutions that serve the local community. Private elementary schools such as Sacred Heart Academy and Cathedral Prep provide students with a well-rounded education rooted in faith and service to others. For post-secondary schooling, the village boasts two campuses of Nassau Community College that offer both two-year degrees as well as vocational certifications. A variety of lifelong learning opportunities like classes in art, music, computer science, and theater are also available at these colleges for those looking to hone their skills or expand their knowledge.


The Village Center is an exciting place to visit. With plenty of restaurants and shopping options, it’s easy to find something that appeals to every taste. From the local greenmarket and farmers’ market selling fresh produce to quaint cafes with delicious homemade desserts, tourists are sure to have a great time. The area is also beautifully landscaped with gardens and fountains providing a calming atmosphere in the heart of this bustling neighborhood. For cultural attractions and entertainment, visitors can take advantage of several art galleries and indoor/outdoor events featuring live music and outdoor movie nights during warmer months.

Overall, Village Center has much to offer its residents. There is plenty of local green space, providing a spot for outdoor recreation and relaxation. The selection of shops include everything from groceries and clothing stores to pharmacies and hardware stores. And with a variety of restaurants in the area, there’s something to suit everyone’s taste buds. It’s no wonder why so many people are drawn to this vibrant neighborhood as their home.


Additionally, if you’re looking for a small suburban community with a family-friendly atmosphere and a sense of community, then Floral Park North may be the perfect fit for you. This cozy neighborhood gives its residents easy access to local eateries, shops, parks and more – all within walking distance. With tree-lined streets and friendly neighbors, Floral Park North offers an ideal hometown feel without the hustle and bustle that comes with living in a big city.

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