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Swing the Teapot

Swing the Teapot is a cozy café in Floral Park, NY that serves classic Irish and American breakfast and lunch dishes. Every meal is made from only the freshest ingredients. The cafe also provides customers with a wide selection of delicious artisanal teas for those who hunger for something more than what’s on their plate. Swing the Teapot’s freshly-brewed teas are sourced from local farms to ensure quality, flavor, and freshness. With friendly staff and great food, Swing the Teapot is definitely the perfect spot for all your breakfast and lunch needs.

What To Do

Swing the Teapot offers unique tasting experiences for all types of food lovers. This inviting café has a diverse selection of brunch, lunch, dinner and dessert items to satisfy every palate. Whether you are looking for gourmet comfort food or international delicacies, Swing the Teapot will not disappoint. Plus, they offer daily specials ranging from eggplant parmesan to pho so you can keep coming back for more! Be sure to save room for one of their signature desserts like crepes suzette or classic tiramisu. From traditional American fare to sophisticated signature dishes, Swing the Teapot is sure to please no matter what meal you are looking for.


Swing the Teapot is a truly charming and unique spot to relax, unwind, and enjoy your favorite beverage. Whether you’re a coffee connoisseur or fan of loose-leaf teas, this quaint neighborhood café provides an array of blends for tea lovers, plus hot brewed coffee beans from Haiti. Swing the Teapot also offers freshly baked treats, including homemade cinnamon rolls and spinach feta sandwiches. The comfy vintage atmosphere welcomes visitors with cozy couches and complimentary board games that are sure to make any visit enjoyable. With indoor seating and limited outdoor seating available during warmer weather, Swing the Teapot is an ideal place to meet up with friends or spend some quality alone time enjoying delicious beverages while reading a good book.

Plan Your Visit

When planning a visit to Swing the Teapot, one should keep in mind that no reservations are required. This means you can come anytime, without needing to pre plan your visit – simply show up and enjoy! The café offers breakfast foods made with local ingredients and specializes in caffeinated beverages from all over the world. There is also an impressive beer list with both craft and international brands, so if you’re looking for something special with more of a “liquid lunch,” then this is definitely the spot for you! Plus, their home-made pastries are fresh daily. When visiting Swing the Teapot, it’s guaranteed that your meal won’t disappoint-you will be able to relax and enjoy good food in a friendly atmosphere.

Overall, Swing the Teapot is a great place to have a cup of coffee or tea and just relax for a bit. The café has an inviting atmosphere, where everyone feels welcome. The staff are all friendly and accommodating, providing only the best service to their customers. The menu offers a range of choices from traditional fare to something more interesting, so there is something for everyone at Swing the Teapot. Additionally, the café has become a local hotspot thanks to its cozy atmosphere and selection of delicious drinks, making it one of Floral Park’s best cafés.


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