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Mineola West

Mineola West is a charming suburban neighborhood situated in Mineola, NY. It covers an expansive area with winding, tree-lined streets and vibrant foliage. Residents of the area enjoy being in close proximity to vital amenities such as schools, grocery stores, medical facilities and recreational spots like parks and fitness centers. Mineola West stands apart from other neighborhoods through its trademark walkability as well as a myriad of housing options – from single family homes to luxury apartments. Above all else, it is the sense of community that makes this neighborhood truly unique. From frequent events held by local charities aimed at bringing the residents closer together; to block parties hosted on the weekend; this town truly embraces what it means to be part of a strong, unified community!


The Mineola West is a diverse and vibrant community. Home to people of many different backgrounds, the neighborhood has served as a place of cultural exchange for decades. According to census data from 2018, the population was evenly split between male and female with over 5,900 residents overall. Nearly 80 percent of Mineola West’s residents are White non-Hispanic, 10 percent are Hispanic or Latino, 8 percent are Asian, and 2 percent are African American or Black. In addition to its many ethnicities, the town is also composed of ethnically diverse religious organizations including multiple Christian churches and others like Hindu temples and an Islamic center. Overall, it’s a highly dynamic area that continues to offer an array of opportunities to grow both personally and professionally.


Education in Mineola West is highly valued by the residents of this residential neighborhood. Offering excellent schools and universities, parents find comfort in the fact that their children are able to get a quality education, close to home. Among the top schools located in Mineola West are Winthrop Elementary School, Memorial Junior High School, and Herbert Lehman High School, all of which offer an array of extracurricular activities and programs designed to advance student’s academic knowledge from early childhood to higher learning. The area also provides access to a variety of college choices for anyone seeking higher education. With plenty of options for every educational stage, it is no surprise why so many opt for a Mineola West address!


Mineola West is a historically rich neighborhood with plenty of appeal to tourists. The area is known for its charming cottages and Dutch Colonial Revival homes from the 1930s, often adorned with lush landscaping in the gardens. One of the most popular attractions is Heritage Park, a 7-acre historic site which contains many interesting artifacts from Mineola’s past. From collections of vintage clothing to remnants from historic buildings, there’s something for everyone here. Additionally, visitors can take advantage of the tours to learn more about this colorful community and all it has to offer: art galleries, antique stores and restaurants are just some of the local gems you’ll discover on your journey!

Overall, Mineola West is a great neighborhood for people looking to settle down in Nassau County. Located near local shops and several parks, there are plenty of activities to be found nearby. The convenient location allows for easy access to transportation, stores, and restaurants. Additionally, the housing selection in this area offers something for everyone with a mixture of both single family homes and older properties. Homeowners can enjoy the affordable real estate prices while also taking advantage of the wonderful schools that make Mineola West such an attractive place to live. Overall it is an amazing neighborhood that provides exceptional opportunities for residents.


However, if you are looking for a neighborhood to call home, look no further than Mineola East. This established community dates back to the 1600’s and offers a charming, historical vibe with its quaint cobblestone streets and stunning Victorian-style homes. Established stores, shops and eateries line the main thoroughfare that makes up the heart of this housing development located only minutes from the Long Island Railroad station. Here you will find members of all ages living in peace and harmony surrounded by a tight-knit community spirit that can’t be beat.

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