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Levittown Southeast

Levittown Southeast is one of the many neighborhoods located near Levittown, New York. It boasts an impressive range of amenities, including parks and recreation facilities that offer locals a myriad of activities. The neighborhood is home to many top schools, including MacArthur High School and Pennyheavy Middle School, both of which boast very high academic standards. Along with these educational facilities comes the wealth of shopping options found in the Towne Center Mall. Here locals can find everything from clothing to electronics, making it a great destination for those looking for something special or simply wanting to grab a bite out of town. Other attractions include Makemescreamshakes ice cream parlor providing a unique experience for visitors.


According to the most recent census survey, the population of Levittown Southeast is 6,705. It has a total area of 2.5 square miles and a population density of 2,681.7 per square mile. The median age of this suburban community is 44 years while 33% of all households have children under the age 18 living within them; 73% are married couples living together, 8% have a female householder with no husband present and 19% are non-families. Studies show that the average household size in Levittown Southeast is 3 people and its median family income is $97,820 compared to New York’s average of $40,000 for larger cities across the state.


Levittown Southeast is well-known for its excellent standards of education. According to recent reports, the local school district ranks among the highest in Nassau county. Most of the schools boast a highly qualified faculty and a student-to-teacher ratio much lower than the national average – affording each student ample opportunity to get personalized instruction and guidance while they pursue their academic goals. To further enhance their academic environment, local educators continually nurture an atmosphere of collaboration and positivity among their students. Consequently, high school graduates from Levittown Southeast often go on to attend top universities with distinction, leading successful lives that perpetuate the strong educational foundation established in their early years.


Levittown Southeast is a great destination for tourists looking for suburban fun. With its prime location close to Long Island’s beaches, this neighborhood offers plenty of outdoor activities such as biking, kayaking, and fishing in nearby Sourdough Creek. For the more culturally inclined, Levittown Southeast boasts multiple restaurants and cafes serving up local dishes like Long Island fried fish sandwiches and crispy chicken wings. The area also has plenty of shopping opportunities at boutiques, antique stores, and the recently renovated historic Town Square Park Marketplace. No visit would be complete without a stop by the Levittown Southeast Public Library which houses an impressive collection of books on local lore and history.

Overall, Levittown Southeast is a great neighborhood. It’s got a great combination of traditional charm, with its cozy and colorful cottages and bungalows nestled in among the historic trees, and modern convenience with amenities like coffee shops, restaurants and retail stores nearby. The wide variety of housing styles, from one-story homes to three-story luxury houses, appeals to families looking for a little something for everyone. There’s also plenty to do for outdoor enthusiasts – walking trails, public parks and a recreation center are all nearby.


Additionally, if you are interested in moving to the area, consider Levittown Northwest. This neighborhood has been serving as a home for families since the 1950s. If you move here, you may find that this diverse community offers many amenities and activities. The residents look out for each other and make caring neighbors–building strong relationships over the years. Levittown Northwest is also known for its excellent school district, its plenty shopping options, convenient location to nearby beaches, parks, restaurants and more.

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