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Levittown Northeast

Levittown Northeast is a residential neighborhood located in Levittown, NY that has long been home to a diverse collection of residents, ranging from families to singles and retirees. Local amenities include shopping malls, parks and recreation centers, a movie theater, restaurants, and other entertainment venues. Residents can readily access the nearby Long Island Expressway for easy commuting into major cities like New York City or Albany. Levittown Northeast also boasts excellent schools with high academic standards and plenty of enrichment opportunities for children of all ages. With beautiful homes, wonderful parks, and lots to do nearby it’s easy to see why this neighborhood is so popular among its inhabitants.


The demographics of Levittown Northeast are quite homogeneous, with the majority consisting of non-Hispanic white residents. The population of this small neighborhood was estimated at 8,917 in 2019 according to official census data, and approximately 90% of those people identified as non-Hispanic whites. Additionally, it has a median age range falling between 45 and 54 years old with slightly more males than females. Education levels are quite high in the area, with 93% holding some level of high school diploma and nearly 50% having obtained a bachelor’s degree or higher. Levittown Northeast is most known for its affordable yet comfortable homes which attract many families with children due to its excellent school systems and charming small-town vibes.


Levittown Northeast is an exceptionally welcoming community that offers its residents a wide range of educational opportunities. From K-12 public schools to many private institutions, the neighborhood provides families with plenty of choices. Through excellent teachers, a curriculum that constantly evolves, and a student-friendly approach to learning, Levittown Northeast has become well known for its high quality educational standards. 

Furthermore, supplemental activities such as sports teams, after school study accelerators, and art classes are plentiful so there are lots of ways for children in the community to stay engaged beyond traditional classroom instruction. With top-notch resources in addition to ongoing efforts to invest in the future of every child in Levittown Northeast, it’s no wonder education remains one of the area’s most attractive amenities.


Levittown Northeast is one of the most beautiful, quaint neighborhoods to visit. Many people come from all around to enjoy the area’s traditional feel and warm welcome. With its winding roads, manicured estates and rustic mansions, tourists can capture a bit of the old world charm that still remains grounded in this historic neighborhood. Whether exploring Yaphank Avenue or Oak Lane on foot or bicycle, visitors can appreciate the many sites and sounds within this peaceful residential district.

Overall, Levittown Northeast is a great place to live and raise a family. It is known for its friendly neighbors and picturesque environment, and many of its citizens are employed in the growing businesses within the area. The local schools are excellent and there are plenty of parks and recreational areas nearby. This neighborhood is a great place to call home.


Additionally, if you’re looking for a diverse and safe neighborhood, consider checking out Levittown South. With its peaceful atmosphere and an eclectic selection of amenities such as shops, parks, and schools, this family-friendly area is your ultimate destination for small town living with big-city pleasures. Residents enjoy the close proximity to larger cities such as New York City or Philadelphia, all within a short driving distance. Whether you’re single or a family, Levittown South has something for everyone.

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