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Levittown North

Levittown North, located in the long-standing suburban Levittown, New York is a peaceful and thriving neighborhood. Many of the bright and well-kept ranch homes still hold their original characteristics since they were first built in the 1950s. With miles of sidewalks, enticing playgrounds and inviting parks giving access to all sorts of nature, Levittown North is a perfect place for families with children to move into. The area also has great schools, abundant shopping centers and even a fire department that actively enforces safety throughout the community. All this makes Levittown North an ideal suburban paradise and an attractive choice compared to most surrounding areas.


Levittown North is a well-established and growing neighborhood. According to the most recent demographic data, the population of the area is around 13,000 with a median age of 43.5 years and an average household income of $93,499 per year. The racial demographics of Levittown North consists of 77% White, 12% African American, 5% Latino/Hispanic, 4% Asian and 2% other races. It is estimated that 80% of Levittown North residents hold college degrees while more than 20% have advanced college certifications or degrees. In addition to this academic achievement Levittown North boasts strong community ties with city-wide programs such as mandatory garbage collection and organized youth activities like summer baseball leagues. These programs allow the community to stay close even from afar.


Education in Levittown North is a vibrant and diverse experience for learners. From the local elementary school, to the nearby middle school, high schools and universities, there is something for everyone in this thriving community. Not only have test scores across Levittown’s network of schools improved over the past five years, but also students are participating in an abundance of after-school activities such as robotics teams, debate clubs and art programs. On average, 95% of each graduating class makes their way to college or a technical training institute – living proof that there are plenty of educational opportunities available in Levittown North and beyond.


Levittown North is known for its unique tourist attractions. This year alone, tourists visited fascinating sites such as Levittown’s Colonial-era taverns and historical monuments. Those who venture beyond these popular spots may be pleasantly surprised to find an abundance of local shops and eateries. In addition, nearby Eisenhower Park features plenty of recreational activities; conveniently located just a few blocks away from downtown. With so much to offer tourists, it is little wonder that Levittown North attracts more than 1 million visitors annually. Tourism continues to increase year after year, making Levittown North a must visit destination.

Overall, Levittown North is a great place to live and work. With easy access to top-rated schools, parks and recreation, conveniences, and friendly neighbors the neighborhood remains attractive for all generations. Residents have access to local amenities like shopping centers and restaurants as well as nearby cultural attractions such as the Jones Beach State Park. The residential streets are lined with quaint homes built in the 1950s, making this community an integral part of the history of Long Island.


Additionally, if you’re looking for a peaceful, friendly community to call home, Levittown Northeast just might be the place for you! This neighborhood situated in the town of Levittown, NY, is the perfect blend of suburban living and urban convenience. Basking in its serene atmosphere, one can take delight walking around its cozy streets lined with charming homes and picturesque gardens. But should a cityscape be preferred, Long Island’s metropolises simply lie a few miles away.

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