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Glenn Curtiss Blvd/Glenn Curtis Cres

The Glenn Curtiss Blvd/Glenn Curtis Cres neighborhood in East Meadow, NY is an idyllic place to live. Nestled in a quiet and picturesque suburban area on Long Island, many local families have settled down here for the variety of small parks, friendly neighbors and excellent schools in the area. It is well connected by public transportation, with easy access to Manhattan via the Nassau Inter-County Express line. Families can take part in local activities available at nearby Eisenhower Park, providing a host of outdoor recreational opportunities including biking trails, skate park, fishing and marsh exploration. Shopping centers and restaurants line Hempstead Turnpike – making this community a joy for those looking for city conveniences with a small-town feel.


The Glenn Curtiss Blvd/Glenn Curtis Cres neighborhood is a diverse area of the town. According to recent census data, approximately 55% of locals identify as white, while 16% identify as Hispanic, 13% identify as African-American and 7% identify as Asian. Additionally, greater than 44% of the population here holds a college degree or higher, with an average yearly median income estimated at around $114,000. This part of East Meadow has experienced consistently high classifications in terms of livability ratings due to its strong educational and employment prospects for citizens.


The Glenn Curtiss Blvd/Glenn Curtis Cres neighborhood is home to numerous exciting educational opportunities. From early learning at the pre-schools to higher education at Nassau Community College, the students in this district receive a wide array of education possibilities to help them reach their full potential. There are also many unique learning experiences in the area such as museum visits, library events and after-school programs which ensure an enriching educational experience for all ages. 

The schools provide access to excellent professors and resources that are both comprehensive and engaging, giving students the perfect environment to grow and develop their skills. With various types of educational outlets in this community it’s no wonder that the people living here have easy access to some of the finest knowledge and wisdom around.


With plenty of attractions and beautiful sights, the Glenn Curtiss Blvd/Glenn Curtis Cres neighborhood has become a popular tourist destination. There are numerous green spots on walking routes such as Eisenhower Park and David Weiss Memorial Park, along with world-class restaurants like Beach Bistro and Cafe Mezcal that provide scenic views. Tourists can visit The Cradle of Aviation Museum to learn about the history of flight and even take a ride in a vintage aircraft. There are also large stores such as Walmart and Funfuzion that entertain the whole family. From bike trails to live music venues, there is something for everyone in the Glenn Curtiss Blvd/Glenn Curtis Cres neighborhood of East Meadow.

Overall, Glenn Curtiss Blvd/Glenn Curtis Cres is a wonderful place to live for people of all ages. With its convenient access to nearby shops and eateries, quiet suburban vibes, and picturesque views from every corner, this charming neighborhood provides its residents with a vibrant and fulfilling lifestyle. The close-knit community here works hard to keep the area safe from any danger and to ensure that people are looked after. There’s something for everyone here – no matter if one wants a relaxing evening stroll or an energetic game at the park. In short, Glenn Curtiss Blvd/Glenn Curtis Cres is an extraordinarily lovely place and it truly has something special in store for everyone who visits or lives there.


In addition, if you’re looking for a great place to live in New York, East Meadow South should be at the top of your list! Located just outside of East Meadow, this suburban neighborhood is perfect for families with its wide streets, plentiful parks, and excellent schools. In addition to providing the convenience of being close to several shops and restaurants, East Meadow South also provides easy access to other parts of Long Island. With everything it has to offer, East Meadow South is the perfect spot to call home.

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