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Floral Park Historical Society

The Floral Park Historical Society is truly a valuable asset for the people of Floral Park, New York. Founded in 1961, it is an important part of this community and has since been committed to the preservation and enrichment of local history. In addition to its collections of artifacts, photographs, documents and other state-of-the-art resources, it works hard at developing programs such as lectures, public talks, walking tours and hands-on activities geared towards adults and children alike. 

The historical society also hosts both virtual and in-person research sessions staffed with knowledgeable professionals who are more than happy to answer any questions. This dedication to helping shape its community’s past makes Floral Park Historical Society an important part of the city’s ever evolving culture.

What To Do

The Floral Park Historical Society provides an interesting window into the history of Long Island and of Floral Park. The society offers many educational events and exhibits for its visitors. Guests gain a unique understanding of the area’s past through guided tours of historic buildings and participation in activities such as lectures, walking tours, and other presentations. There is something for everyone in the Society’s collection—from displays about local history to artifacts from many different civilizations. 

Additionally, during special events like Floral Park’s Historic Preservation Day, visitors can learn more about their community’s heritage and interact with other preservationists. The Historical Society is dedicated to providing a comprehensive understanding of the area’s rich past – perfect for anyone wishing to take part in this continuing journey of discovery.


The Floral Park Historical Society offers attractions for locals and visitors alike. Visitors can tour the museum, explore the collections of photographs, artifacts, documents and newspapers from Floral Park’s history. In addition to the museum, visitors can see the Pat-Med Operating Model Railroad Layout display, featuring vintage model railroad cars from a 1900s era Terminal Railroad layout. The historical society also offers an educational program for school age children which will teach them about life in early twentieth century small towns in America. Students explore interactive exhibits about several different periods of history, as well as participate in hands-on activities that allow them to experience life from a time long ago.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to the Floral Park Historical Society, there are countless activities that you can take part in. You can wander the historical sites like the Vanderbilt Museum and the Coe Hall. Both offer unparalleled insight into local history and showcase artifacts from over a century ago. There is also a wildlife preserve nearby, perfect for taking a leisurely stroll while having an opportunity to observe native Floral Park birds. The local Smithsonian-affiliated library is also available with its extensive collection of resources on local history and culture. When you are done with exploring all the historical sites, you can take part in educational field trips which explore the rich heritage of Floral Park and its surroundings.

Overall, the Floral Park Historical Society does a tremendous job of preserving the traditions and culture that are integral to Floral Park’s past. The organization puts on several events throughout the year that give people an opportunity to explore local history from different perspectives. From educational programs to presentations from experts in their field, the society offers a wide range of activities designed to entertain and inform residents of all ages. Their dedication is integral to maintaining a sense of community and respect for the city’s past.


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