5 Simple Ways to Unclog a Toilet Without Using a Plunger


Heightening, clowns, enclosed spaces, and needing to unclog a toilet without a plunger are among the world’s most widespread fears. It always happens when you least expect it – at your in-laws’ house, during a work meeting, on a holiday, on a date…

We would never wish the terror of rising water on anyone. That’s why we’ve listed the best methods for unclogging a toilet without a plunger below.


Water That Is Hot But Not Boiling

Making a clear distinction between the two in this context is of the utmost significance. The clog in the toilet can be removed with hot water, which works by dissolving the obstruction. Cracks in the ceramic of the toilet bowl can be caused by boiling water, which is a far more annoying problem to deal with.

Get a bucket that’s as big as you can manage and fill it with water that’s almost boiling but not quite. The motion of the water, in combination with the heat, will assist in removing the clog and flushing it out.


Dish Soap

Dish soap’s primary purpose is to cut through oil and any other remnants of food that it comes into touch with. Because of this, it is nearly as effective as other methods at removing obstructions from toilets. Dish soap can be helpful in unclogging a toilet if you have the time to let it sit and wait after pouring it in.

Dish soap should be applied to the bowl of the toilet and left there for at least a cup before being allowed to sit for 30 to 40 minutes. After then, check to see if the water in the bowl has started to decrease, which is a sign that the soap is doing its job. If it has, then the soap is working. If the water level is going down, then you should feel comfortable trying to flush the toilet!


Epsom Salt

Epsom salt isn’t something that everyone keeps in their medicine cabinet, but if you happen to have any sitting about, it can be useful in a pinch. A bubbly chemical reaction is produced when it is poured into a bowl, and this reaction has the potential to clean and unclog drains. Before you try flushing again, give it about 15 minutes to finish doing what it’s supposed to do.


A Toilet Brush

Only the most desperate, last-ditch efforts should use this method. Keep your grip on the handle, insert the brush into the opening, and begin to move your arm in a back-and-forth motion. Although you should be vigorous, you shouldn’t be so overly enthusiastic that you risk damaging the toilet. Because of the potentially revolting nature of this, we strongly advise using gloves and old clothing in case any of it splashes on you.


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