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Can You Escape? LI

Can You Escape? LI in Mineola, New York is a great escape room experience. It’s perfect for families, team-building events, and even date nights! The concept is simple; you and your group are locked in a room and must decipher puzzles, riddles, and clues to make it out. Can You Escape? sets itself apart from other escape rooms by providing funny surprises that will have everyone laughing. With four unique themed rooms to choose from; the classic Escape Room Experience, Adventure Treasure Hunt, Treasure Guardians Quest, and Mystic Mind Challenge – there’s something for everyone! What better way to spend an afternoon or evening than with some friendly competition while trying to beat the clock?

What To Do

Can You Escape? LI is the perfect place for anyone looking for something fun and different to do. They offer a variety of challenging escape rooms where you will be given one hour to work together with your team to solve puzzles and find clues that lead to your escape. There are rooms suitable for all levels, from the novice adventurer up to those seeking the ultimate challenge. With exciting themes like Treasure Island, Prison Break and Haunted Mansion, you’ll have an unforgettable experience as you solve intricate riddles, decipher codes, move objects and find hidden pathways. Bring your friends or family members along for an adrenaline-filled race against time!


Can You Escape? LI is an exciting and entertaining escape room experience for friends, families, and co-workers alike. With four different interactive scenarios to choose from, guests can challenge themselves by working together to accomplish their mission within a limited amount of time. The adventure begins with a Farmyard Mystery-themed game that tasks players with uncovering farm secrets behind each clue. Up next is the Tomb Raider Temple game where participants explore an ancient tomb to solve its cryptic mysteries while unlocking unique puzzles and surprises. For those looking for something a bit more intense, Paranormal Activity puts guests in a haunted house where they’ll need keen eyes and minds to navigate the task of defeating an evil spirit. Finally, an Apocalyptic Bunker scenario requires guests to find their way out of a bunker during a zombie apocalypse! Whichever adventure you choose, Can You Escape? LI will provide an exciting escape room experience that’s sure to create lasting memories.

Plan Your Visit

When planning your visit to Can You Escape? LI, you’ll experience four unique escape room adventures. Put together a team of your bravest and most clever friends and see whether you can defeat the challenges set before you. Each adventure is different, offering its own set of puzzles and clues that range from fairly easy to impossible. Even if you don’t manage to break free within the hour-long time limit, you’re sure to have an entertaining afternoon of team building and problem solving. Make sure to leave yourself enough time in the schedule for a beverage afterwards – remember, it’s all about making the most of your day!

Overall, Can You Escape? LI is a great place for thrill seekers and friends looking for a fun activity. With highly immersive scenarios and experienced staff, visitors will get the most out of their escape room experience. The puzzles are designed to be challenging but not overly complex to the point where participants are stuck with no progress. Groups can walk away feeling behind the wheel of their story and rewarded with a sense of accomplishment upon completion!


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