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Bellmore Rd/Hilda St

Bellmore Rd/Hilda St is a vibrant and diverse neighborhood in East Meadow that offers something for everyone. With plenty of green spaces and an abundance of shops, restaurants, and entertainment, it is one of the area’s most desirable cities to live in. Whether you’re looking for a relaxed environment to raise a family or something a bit more energy driven with nightlife and cultural events, this is the perfect spot for all kinds of lifestyles. Its excellent schools attract young families as well as lonely professionals alike. Residents enjoy the convenience of being located next to NYC yet remain within the comforts of suburban life giving them the best of both worlds.


Bellmore Rd/Hilda St is a neighborhood that is made up of over 8,500 people. According to the United States Census Bureau (2010), the median age of residents in the area is 40 years old, and approximately 43% of households include married couples. Additionally, 17% of households are individuals living alone while 34% are made up of non-families. The racial composition of the area is 85% White, 7% African American, 5% Asian, 1.2% from other races and 0.3% Native American. Bellmore Rd/Hilda St also has a diverse religious population with 57.4% Roman Catholic residents, 26.7% Protestantism and 4.4% Judaism represented in the community. This East Meadow enclave also has an impressive median household income well above both Nassau County’s and New York State’s averages at $83809 in 2010 compared to $94811 nationally and an estimated 1430 families living below poverty level within its confines.


Education in the Bellmore Rd/Hilda St is top-notch. District residents benefit from the highly ranked public schools that they attend such as East Meadow High School, Woodland Middle School and Parkway Elementary School. Additionally, there are a variety of private schools that offer students advantages such as smaller class sizes and a wider selection of extracurricular activities. The Educational Center for the Arts, which provides opportunities to explore theatre, art, music and more is also located in this neighborhood and highly sought after by many families. Those living in this neighborhood have access to numerous educational options so that children can achieve their full potential.


Bellmore Rd/Hilda St is a great place to visit. It’s a quaint neighborhood full of beautiful homes, lush gardens, and historical charm. Tourists can take delight in the homemade ice cream shops, traditional Italian delis, and family-run stores that line the streets. There are plenty of outdoor activities too; Bellmore Rd/Hilda St offers wonderful walking paths, parks and even places to rent bicycles. History buffs will appreciate the scenic landmarks scattered throughout the area while art aficionados flock here to witness the amazing street murals adorning many of the buildings. With its friendly atmosphere and stunning views, Bellmore Rd/Hilda St is a destination that is sure to please any tourist.

Overall, Bellmore Rd/Hilda St is a great neighborhood. It’s conveniently located near shopping centers, restaurants and parks– perfect for those who like to stay active and enjoy spending time outdoors. There’s something around every corner that never fails to bring a smile to the faces of locals of all ages. The community is diverse and welcoming with a warm atmosphere that can be felt throughout the entire area. With so much to offer there’s no doubt as to why Bellmore Rd/Hilda St continues to be such an attractive spot for many families and individuals alike.

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